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Revel Systems Announces Innovative Partnership with Voxie

New Integrated Solution Helps Merchants Drive Sales & Customer Engagement

ATLANTA – February 23, 2022 – Revel Systems, the market leading cloud-native point of sale (POS) and complete business management platform, today announced a strategic partnership with Voxie, the leading conversational texting and automation platform. The combined offering helps drive additional revenue for customers in the restaurant and retail sectors by as much as 30%.

Voxie generates real-time, highly personalized conversations between brands and their customers to increase engagement, drive sales and support reputation management. The integrated solution, which is offered as an opt-in to Revel clients, allows Voxie to send relevant and strategically timed text messages to customers to enable increased customer visits and repeat business. The platform has been proven to draw high customer response rates to engagement with clickthrough rates above 25% and less than 1% unsubscribe rates.

“The Voxie and Revel partnership extends the exceptional customer experience provided at the Revel POS with highly personalized post-purchase engagement from Voxie,” said Bogdan Constantin, founder and CEO, Voxie. “Our platform engages millions of customers each month and typically drives up to 10 times more revenue for retailers than other marketing channels. Many customers realize a 20-fold return on the cost of Voxie investment within a month.”

The combined Revel and Voxie offering has already helped leading retail and restaurant brands better engage with their customers.

“We love the ability to connect right to our customers’ phones and interact with them through text,” said Eva Browning, director of marketing, Westside Pizza. “It has been neat to immediately contact customers after they make an order through Revel and help direct them to review us online or share their birthday so we can send them a special gift. We also like the ability to target our lapsed customers and re-engage them to order with us again.”

The Voxie platform also provides insight into the return on investment retailers are getting from their text-based marketing. Through Voxie’s integration with Revel, operators can pull historical sales data and identify customer trends to more efficiently target the right audiences.

“As market dynamics continue to shift and many consumers still opt for online ordering and delivery, our partnership with Voxie provides an important extension for our restaurant and retail brands to keep in touch with customers by connecting their transactional behavior to personalized, text-based engagement,” said Chris Lybeer, chief strategy officer, Revel Systems. “Given the compelling customer engagement metrics demonstrated by Voxie clients, we’re confident this will be a valuable opportunity for Revel customers.”

Voxie recently completed its $32 million Series A funding with a $25 million extension round led by well known Atlanta investors and operators Tom Noonan (Family Office), Noro-Moseley Partners, with participation from Wain Kellum, Kyle Porter, David Cummings and other notable software veterans.

About Revel Systems

Revel’s point of sale and business solutions provide a native cloud technology platform that is at the heart of our clients’ businesses. Revel’s platform helps restaurants and retailers deliver a better customer experience, diversify revenue streams, and scale their businesses with ease. The Revel Enterprise® solution is tailored for large chains and leads the industry with a broad footprint of national, big brand customer implementations. Revel is committed to client success and strives to be a people-first business, leading with integrity and transparency. For more information, please visit http://revelsystems.com or call +1 (833) 437-3835

About Voxie

Voxie is the first conversational texting and automation platform that enables brands to personalize the text messaging experience for their customers at scale. Voxie outperforms traditional marketing channels and consistently delivers new revenue, greater customer engagement and improved customer loyalty. Voxie customers routinely experience a 20x ROI within months of implementation. Customers include The UPS Store, Massage Heights, Edible Arrangements, Junk Brands, Your Pie Pizza and many others. Please contact sales@voxie.com for additional information.

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