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Hundreds of ecommerce brands use Voxie to text with their customers

Voxie is the best-kept secret of the world's top ecommerce brands

Automatically connect with your target audience

Quickly build your SMS subscriber list from any web link, digital ad, pop- up, or QR code. Once subscribed, you can deploy automated personalized text marketing campaigns to all your customers with the click of a button.

Learn your customers' preferences

Combine purchase history, behavioral triggers and drip functionality into a powerful engine that uses customer actions and Shopify data to automatically segment your SMS marketing campaigns.  

Increase your customer LTV

Maximize your ecommerce store’s LTV with personalized text campaigns that increase both AOV and repeat purchase while decreasing cart abandonment. Voxie’s unique Reply to Buy™ feature enables your customers to instantly purchase and fulfill orders directly within the text message.

Voxie seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack

two-way conversations

Voxie is the only AI-based, conversational text marketing platform that delivers:

behavior-based insights

easy-to-use SmartAI

strategic optimizations services

After launching Voxie two months ago, we can tell that text message marketing has an unlimited potential from a brand market's point of view. We are thrilled with the sense of urgency and personalization that Voxie provides. We've seen tremendous customer engagement through SMS marketing, and Voxie is helping us continue to harness its true potential.

I was able to schedule out our texts over the weekend which allowed me to be fully present with my family and not think (too much) about work. Adding the segments in the correct way also increased our revenue for the weekend campaigns we were running. Both are big wins in my book! Again, thank you and I’m happy to be working with you for our text marketing needs.

Harry Egler, CEO at ALEKO

– Voxie Customer, Nickel & Suede