The Only SMS Platform Built for Franchise

Lost in the maze of managing your multi-location business' texting needs? You need an SMS marketing solution that's custom-built for the franchise model—because one size doesn't fit all.

With Americans spending over 6 hours daily on their phone, it's time to turn your SMS strategy into a competitive advantage.

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Results that

29% ↑ in Same Store Sales
10X Engagement
30% Increase in Repeat Purchases

Voxie Knows Franchise

We empower franchise leaders to grow revenue and cut operational costs without increasing their workload. We enable franchisees to get the most out of the channel with minimal effort through tools that let you deploy messaging strategies across your network. 

Flexibility to Fit Your Organization Structure

Voxie was designed with flexibility at its core, allowing you to tailor the platform to your unique needs.

With Voxie, you're not just adding software to your tech stack; you're gaining a team of strategic SMS experts.

Consistency and Compliance at Scale

Send corporate-deployed texts using local franchise phone numbers for a personal touch.

Manage opt-ins and opt-outs at the corporate level for compliance, while allowing franchisees to connect directly with local customers.

Gain Visibility into all Franchise Locations

Unlock valuable insights into campaign performance across national franchise locations.

Grouping gives corporate full access to all franchise data while allowing franchisees to send messages and view analytics specific to their own locations.

Increase Same-Store Sales by 29% with SMS

  • Automated Re-engagement

    Use Voxie AI to reconnect with past customers or leads and guide them towards a purchase.

  • Standardized Operational Efficiency

    Make every location as successful as your top stores through standardization. Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks with AI SMS.

  • Never Miss an Opportunity

    With triggered AI SMS, make sure every lead gets an immediate follow-up, no matter where you are, what time it is, or how many leads you have.

Sample Voxie chat interface showing message creation for a follow up message on a recent purchase. Template uses variables for name and store rep. Message creation interface is shown on top of image of a woman working at a flower shop.
flower shopsmiling woman with a basket of flowers
Contact Re-engagement

Hey first_name, checking back in with you after your recent inquiry about our services at location.

Do you have any questions I can help answer?

Curious how this would work for your franchise?

Scan the QR Code and experience how Voxie engages leads with AI.

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Chat bubbles showing conversation between Voxie AI and a customer. Chat bubbles greet the new customer and ask for their name.
Voxie AI received an inbound message. Responding...
Hi there, this is Emma from Voxie. Thanks for your interest! What’s your name?
avatar for Ameial
My name is Amelia.
Voxie AI recognized name variable. Responding...
Nice to meet you, Amelia! Which company are you with?

Boost Revenue 10x with AI Text Messaging

  • Maximize Your Marketing Spend

    Without a lead nurture strategy, you're wasting your marketing budget. Don't let initial interest fade—turn it into lasting engagement and sales.

  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value with Win-back Campaigns

    Use zero-party data to create dynamic campaigns that re-engage past customers who haven't purchased in a specified time frame.

  • SMS Drives 45% More Same Store Sales Compared to Push and Email

    For Voxie customers, SMS emerges as a leading revenue generator for franchises, providing tangible outreach to your customers.

Voxie chart showing subscribers increasing overlayed on an image of a young woman tutoring a student.
out of focus room at a schoolyou woman tutoring a young student
Sample Voxie chart interface showing Net Subscribed over the past 30 days. Chart shows +37k with a 24% rate of change.

Net Subscribed

Last 30 Days


Love Us

Voxie has made it easy to communicate with our guests and help drive new guests in our stores. What I like the best is how easy it is for my team to communicate with our guests about special promotions, appointments, and new services we offer. Guests in return are able to respond back easily and quickly for any questions they have. We have been so happy and can't imagine not having Voxie!”

headshot of Cristina G

Cristina G


Voxie is the most powerful marketing tool we've ever used. Voxie moves the needle on revenue greater than any marketing service we've ever used. It translates into real dollars that other services only vaguely attempt to provide. Voxie's two-way texting allows us to increase deliverability and improve the relationships with have with our customers.”

headshot of Fred C.

Fred C.


Best Customer Marketing Tool of the Decade! Awesome AI interactions with our customers coupled with a top-notch marketing and data team from Voxie have improved our AOV, ROI, and repeat purchases more than we could have ever imagined. Voxie is the new "top of mind awareness" marketing method.”

headshot of Kevin M.

Kevin M.


Voxie allows us to hold genuine conversations with our customers in the fastest way possible! I like that we can engage with our customers in a timely manner and in a way that feels authentic and not "bot-like". Customers can text us via our website or Instagram and receive a tailored response in a matter of seconds.”

headshot of Lundyn C.

Lundyn C.

CEO and Co-Founder

the Impact

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Sample Voxie chart interface showing a distribution of recently created campaigns grouped by status (Live, Testing, and Completed)

Recently Created Campaigns

Last 30 Days

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Sample Voxie chart interface showing a count and rate change for messages sent over the last 30 days.

Messages Sent

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Sample Voxie chart interface showing Net Subscribed over the past 30 days. Chart shows +37k with a 24% rate of change.

Net Subscribed

Last 30 Days


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