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We Answer All of Your SMS Marketing Questions


2020 research shows that over 75% of consumers signed up for text messages from an online store within the last year, and text messaging is a top channel for Gen-Z, Millennials, and Boomers alike. Your customers don’t just want to be able to text you—they expect to.

Text message marketing yields open rates of 98% and click-through rates of 30%, compared to below 20% and 2.5% respectively for email. Plus, Americans spend an average 5.4 hours per day on their phones. Text message marketing presents a tremendous opportunity to communicate with your customers as their email inboxes become increasingly clogged up.

Text messages typically take between a few seconds up to a few minutes to deliver. You may experience a short delay during peak hours, or if the recipient’s mobile phone is turned off or outside of the coverage area.

A short code number is a special five or six-digit telephone number typically used to send and receive text messages on an Application to Person (A2P) basis, where a computer or application sends a text message to many people at once. A long code is a standard phone number (usually ten digits) used to send and receive both voice calls and SMS messages. Toll free numbers are a subset of ten-digit long codes. Usually starting with an “800” or “888”, toll free numbers were originally designed for business landlines but now have the ability to text message. We answer all of your questions here.

Text messaging and Short Message Service (SMS) are essentially synonymous. Standard SMS text messages have a 160-character limit. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is an extension of SMS messaging that enables the exchange of multimedia content, such as photos, videos, gifs, and audio via text message. Voxie will automatically optimize your image/gif MMS messages to 500KB for delivery when sending. We explain in further detail here.

getting started

Not at all! That’s where Voxie’s dedicated Client Strategy team of SMS experts comes into play. We’ll manage all of the technical integrations, campaign setup, messaging strategy, and performance analytics for you!

Make the most out of Voxie by continuously collecting new customers’ phone numbers and taking advantage of the personalization capabilities our platform offers. With Voxie, you have the ability to segment your contact list based on customer responses, preferences, keywords, behaviors, and more. Read more about SMS campaign strategies and best practices.

We recommend sending at least 1-2 marketing messages per week to your full customer list in order to maximize revenue while minimizing opt-outs. 6-8 messages per month is typically optimal for revenue generation, while opt-out rates tend to increase once you exceed 10-15 sends per month.

legal and compliance

Voxie partners closely with industry leading legal and privacy counsel and is compliant with CCPA guidelines as of January 1, 2020.

Voxie’s solutions and processes are built with compliance in mind and are reviewed by legal counsel with a focus on messaging (TCPA and CTIA) and privacy compliance.

voxie platform

Think of Voxie like an “offline chatbot.” While your chatbot is only available on your website where the average user spends only 2.5 minutes, Voxie can reach your customers the other 99% of the time via text message.

Voxie leverages conversational AI to personalize text conversations at scale, unlike short-code text providers that primarily specialize in one-way promotional text blasts. Not only can your customers engage in automated two-way conversations with Voxie, but you can also store their responses, feedback, and behavior to personalize future campaigns.

Voxie automates 1:1 conversations at scale, unlike your ordinary business texting platforms, which require you to manually text and respond to each individual conversation. Voxie’s platform also stores customer responses, feedback, and behavior to further segment your contact list.

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