Voxie's SmartAI adds power, flexibility and the highest level of automated personalization

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SmartAI from Voxie


“I’m Mike! Thanks for asking!”

Asking for a name and repeating it back makes your text conversation very personal. Voxie SmartAI validates and saves the name so you can personalize every future conversation.

Voxie SmartAI lets you capture any type of personal information and use it for future segmentation. Maybe you have a special offer for all customers celebrating a birthday this month? Or a need to collect their favorite color? Number of children? Favorite sports team?

“My birthday? July 16th!”

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“I’m super happy with my new products!”

Voxie’s SmartAI understands sentiment in your customers’ responses and uses it to direct next action. Asking about their experience? Send happy customers to a review site, and not-so-happy ones to your customer service folks.

Get much higher engagement by triggering automated responses based on your customer’s behavior. Voxie SmartAI lets you build rules into your campaign, so it all happens automatically. Clicked a link? Take one action. Didn’t? Wait X days and take a different one.

Thanks for reminding me about the offer!”

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How late are you open today?”

Many routine questions can be answered automatically using Voxie SmartAI, and as you train the system over time to understand new questions, you’ll handle more than 90% of routine questions with no human intervention.

Voxie SmartAI understands when a question is being asked –even if it’s unexpected– and builds intelligence into the campaign to alert the proper resources to answer questions quickly.

Can you help with my order?”

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