Supercharge Revenue with SMS Marketing

Franchises use Voxie to turn transactions into relationships through personalized communication directly to customers’ hands, resulting in 3x ROI. Leverage the power of SMS to build brand loyalty and drive revenue.

  • Conversational intelligence
  • Zero party data collection
  • Targeted campaigns + post-purchase follow up
  • Two-way communication
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Sample Voxie chart interface showing Net Revenue over the past 30 days. Chart shows +37k with a 24% rate of change.

Net Revenue

Last 30 Days


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Conversational Intelligence

Grow Your Subscribers by 20%+

Build your national and franchise contact list through a variety of proven methods. Make SMS your top revenue driver with a consistently growing audience for maximum impact.

Collect contacts through:

  • Contact Imports
  • Contact File Push
  • Pop-Up Snippet
  • Landing Pages with Sign Up Forms
  • QR Codes
  • Text Keyword
  • API Endpoints
Sample Voxie interface showing message composition user interface over-top of a schedule send interface with day choices and a time window input.
Campaign Message
Hey First Name, congrats on making it to Friday! 👏 Satisfy your weekend cravings from the comfort of your couch with our contactless delivery options! Click here to order
Send Time
What Days?
What time window?
1:00 pm
8:00 pm

Increase Conversion Rates 3x

Harness the power of personalization through tags, custom attributes, franchise location, and historical purchase behavior. Create meaningful relationships with your audience with conversations built for their unique needs.

Segment your customers with dynamic or static lists. Your dynamic lists will evolve as your customers attributes do and static lists remain fixed.

Sample Voxie inteface showing audience segment selection and campaign message composition.
Open Table List
Birthday Month
Add Segment
Campaign Message
Hey First Name! 👋 On behalf of all of us here at Rad Restaurant, we'd like to wish you a Happy Birthday! 🎉 Celebrate with 25% off using code "HBD2ME" at checkout or click to have it auto applied to your order.
Multi-step Drip Campaigns

Make SMS Work for You

The Voxie team provides free advisory, curates campaigns built for your unique goals, and harnesses a library of success stories to drive results.

Run campaigns on a national level and grant franchise owners the ability to request campaigns for their location. Protect brand integrity with SMS campaign requests.

Quick Blast

Efficiently Reach Your Subscribers

Send Informational or Marketing Messages to your Subscribers in less than 2 minutes by following a very nimble 5 steps flow.

Beat writer's block with the Quick Blast AI Message Assistant. Get instant engaging messages curated for your company.

Playbooks & Custom Flows

Simplify and Optimize SMS Strategy

Unleash the power of SMS with playbook templates, built to make maximizing your SMS marketing strategy simple. The world-class Voxie support team will custom build flows to achieve and surpass your goals.

Ensure brand consistency by giving franchise owners a pre-approved list of campaigns.

Chat bubbles showing conversation between a Voxie user and their customer. Final message shows automation for possible "Yes" and "No" responses to responding to the previous message asking for a review.
avatar for Christina
Would you mind leaving us a review?
avatar for Philippe
VoxieAI parsing response. Checking if link clicked...
Send: “Thanks so much!”
Wait 3 days and resend original message

Get Data-⁠driven Insights

Leverage analytics to optimize your SMS marketing strategy by understanding what drives results. Gain key insights into subscriber growth, new contacts by entry point, messages sent, deliverability, subscriber lifespan and more.

Sample Voxie chart interface showing a distribution of recently created campaigns grouped by status (Live, Testing, and Completed)

Recently Created Campaigns

Last 30 Days

  • Live
  • Testing
  • Complete
Sample Voxie chart interface showing a count and rate change for messages sent over the last 30 days.

Messages Sent

Last 30 Days

Sample Voxie chart interface showing Net Subscribed over the past 30 days. Chart shows +37k with a 24% rate of change.

Net Subscribed

Last 30 Days


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