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How To Use SMS Marketing For Easter

With Easter being religious festival, you might be reluctant to run marketing efforts with an Easter theme. However, have you considered the benefits of holiday SMS marketing?

While your business may be hesitant to promote Easter-themed marketing campaigns due to it being a religious holiday, we suggest re-considering. According to Statista, the United States spent just under $3 billion on Easter candy in 2022, an increase of an astonishing $1 billion since 2007. Additionally, the National Retail Federation reported that the average adult in the United States spent an average of $167.79 on Easter as recently as 2022.

With the start of spring and many exciting holidays on the horizon, taking advantage of Easter is a great opportunity to start running holiday-specific campaigns via SMS marketing. Even if your brand isn’t running a specific Easter-themed sale, promoting products that can be used to celebrate Easter or placing orders ahead is a great way to stay engaged with your subscribers.

We’ve compiled a list of ways to celebrate Easter with your SMS subscribers below. Hop to it!

Run a Multi-day SMS Campaign

This is an opportunity to run a multi-day SMS campaign, including giving your SMS subscribers the chance to shop the sale before anyone else. Giving your subscribers the VIP treatment not only shows them that you value their business, but it will also give your brand the chance to see how your promotions do and if you need to make any necessary tweaks before they are offered to the rest of your customers.

If your promotion is running longer than a day, send a follow-up message to your subscribers as a reminder to place their orders before it’s too late. You can even segment your messaging to have this reminder message sent to those who may have clicked on a link from a previous sale message, but didn’t make a purchase.

Finally, a last chance message to your subscribers reminding them to shop, with just a few hours left to take advantage of your promotion, is a good opportunity to get any of those hesitant shoppers to make a conversion at the very last chance.

Hi <name>, VIP text subscribers get early access to our Easter promotion before anyone else. Get __% off your next purchase with <code> at checkout. Hop to it! <link>

Give Your Subscribers The Chance to Opt Out

According to a study conducted by Capterra in 2022, 91% of consumers feel “very or somewhat positive” towards brands providing them the option to opt out of receiving content that could contain sensitive themes around holidays. Additionally, out of that 80% of consumers would be “extremely or somewhat likely to purchase from a brand that offers them.”

<Brand>: Hi there! We understand that Easter Sunday may be a difficult time for some. If you’d like to opt out of receiving any Easter-themed promotions from us, reply YES. You’ll hear from us after the holiday comes to a close! <link>

Interact With Your Subscribers in Advance

Don’t leave things to the last minute! Encourage your SMS subscribers to place their orders ahead and remind them when your shipping deadlines kick in. This will be appreciated by your customers and also makes things easier for your business. For quick service restaurants, this is also a great opportunity to send a message to your subscribers that they should take advantage of booking their tables in advance.

<Brand> here! Easter Sunday is quickly approaching and we want to make sure you have the chance to place your order before the deadline hits. Tap below to assemble your basket: <link>

Have fun!

Take the chance to promote Easter to your subscribers as an opportunity to get creative! Use emojis like the bunny, candy, or the Easter egg basket in your copy! Create a fun Easter-themed image or GIF to include in your messages. Pro Tip: According to Bloomreach, MMS campaigns enjoy 300% higher engagement rates than SMS campaigns.

Need help setting your SMS campaigns up for success? Get in touch with the Voxie team today!

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