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How Restaurants Can Thrive During the Great Pandemic Depression

This post was written by Bogdan Constantin, Voxie Founder and CEO.

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I was surprised when I read the recent article in Entrepreneur titled “7 Things Restaurant Entrepreneurs Must Do to Survive and Thrive the Great Pandemic Depression.”

Some of the author’s points were that “you need to be Covid clean” and “customers are grumpier now” and “learn about finance.”

Really? Restaurants need their customers back! Our restaurant customers use Voxie as a strategy to get new customers and get loyal customers back into the restaurant–both for curbside delivery and dining-in.

They do it through texting. Texting your previous OpenTable reservations to invite them back. Texting to let them know about your curbside/dine-in policies. Building a relationship via text to appeal to their human nature. Some restaurants have built back to their pre-Covid revenue levels. Others are getting a 20x return on their investment in texting.

Restaurants are all about the customer. And no strategies work if there aren’t enough of them.

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