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How Text Conversations Boost Sales for QSR Brands

SMS marketing boosts sales and engagement by sending personalized offers and updates, appealing to 75% of users who check phones quickly.

SMS marketing has been proven to be an impactful way for brands to communicate with their customers, regardless of what industry they are in. Like we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, 75% of American cell phone users are much more likely to check their phones within the first five minutes of receiving a notification, compared to just 19% of email users.

Additionally, according to research done by The AdTheorent/Harris Poll Consumer Survey, 70% of US customers “rely on their mobile devices during food purchasing from fast-food and casual restaurants.”

With so many consumers relying on interacting with their favorite brands through text messages, it’s practically a no-brainer for brands to integrate SMS into their marketing efforts.

Below are some ways that SMS conversations between brands and their customers can boost sales for QSR brands:

The same research conducted by The AdTheorent/Harris Poll Consumer Survey found that the majority of consumers would be more likely to visit a quick service restaurant if they received personalized content based on: 1) Past orders (70%) and 2) Their location (66%).

Thanks to SMS marketing capabilities, tailoring content to be personalized by past orders and location is possible! Thanks to the segmentation feature, brands can reach out to customers based on their previous order history to remind them of current offers they may be interested in. You can also do this for diet-specific orders, like vegetarian and/or vegan dishes. QSR that have different locations can also send custom offers based on their customers’ location.

Hi <NAME>! Did you know that we have a brand new veggie burger on the menu? Tap the link below to place your order. We’ll see you soon! <LINK>

Once you have created a new campaign that caters to these personalized preferences, make sure to keep the conversation going and follow-up after an order has been placed with questions about their experience or encourage them to leave a review on your website.

Thanks, <NAME>! Your order is confirmed and will be ready at <TIME>. Do you have any other questions for us in the meantime? Let us know!

Take advantage of setting up automated messages. Create a welcome message once a customer has joined your SMS list as a subscriber and offer them a limited time promo code for their first purchase. You can also set up messages that are triggered based on specific events, like a subscribers’ birthday or anniversary.

Another way to encourage conversations with your subscribers through SMS marketing is making sure you’re announcing special events or new opportunities to book tables for the holidays. A 2022 study conducted by EZ Texting found that 34% of customers prefer event invitations over SMS.

Promote your brand’s loyalty program through SMS. Implementing post-purchase messaging to let customers know how to enroll in your rewards program, along with sharing their point status, how to redeem, and when/if their rewards points may expire, is an easy way to encourage them to make a purchase with their points or ask additional questions about the program, thus continuing the conversation.

Hi <NAME>! Thank you for your recent order. As a reminder, you now have <X> amount of rewards points in your account, which is worth <$___>. Tap the link below to see what you can redeem them for: <LINK>

Need help setting your SMS campaigns up for success? Get in touch with the Voxie team today!

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