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The Role of SMS in Omnichannel Marketing

The Role of SMS in Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Marketing may sound like a complicated idea to understand, but in reality, your business is likely already partaking in it. If you’re not already aware of its definition, Omnichannel Marketing is the concept of integrating various channels used to communicate with consumers, such as physical stores or restaurants, digital channels (websites), or social media pages.

What makes omnichannel marketing different from multi-channel marketing? Omnichannel marketing aims to create a seamless experience for a customer, whether via a laptop, phone, or even an in-person experience. For example: a customer may start their shopping journey on their cell phone but are checking out on their computer. In contrast, multi-channel marketing focuses more on engaging with customers on a variety of different channels.

If your business is ready to take the next step in advancing your omnichannel marketing strategy, we suggest that SMS be included in the list of adopted platforms. Despite SMS marketing still being a new development, it’s an increasingly popular one.

Here are some points to consider while determining your brand’s path to implementing an SMS strategy into your channels:

  • Nine out of 10 consumers prefer to communicate with businesses through text messages.
  • A whopping 98% of text messages from brands are opened, compared to just 20% of emails.
  • Click-through rates for SMS are also much higher than email, with 36% compared to 3.4%.
  • SMS is 48% of consumers’ preferred channel for receiving updates from their favorite brands.

So, how do you effectively add SMS marketing to your already existing channels?

Actively promote the chance for your customers to opt into your SMS marketing list.

  • Fun fact: more than 90% of consumers are interested in signing up for text messages from businesses! If 9 out of your 10 customers were looking for exclusive content from your business, wouldn’t you offer it to them?
  • Adding a pop-up to your business’ website, a QR code in-store, or a link in your Instagram account are easy, low-stakes opportunities to capture new opt-ins.
  • Make sure that your customers are aware that signing up for your SMS list will give them the chance to partake in exclusive sales, promotions, and early access to new products.
  • Whether you incentivize sign-ups with a one-time promo code in person or after an abandoned cart email has been sent, it’s easy to leave your customers a reminder to take advantage of your SMS program.

Develop and nurture your customer relationships through personalized text messages.

  • In order to keep your customer happy, it’s important that those who have opted into your SMS list are able to receive updates on their orders once they’ve made a purchase. Almost 70% of US shoppers expect a notification about the status of their order within just two hours of purchasing it.
  • Notify your customers once their order is ready to ship or be picked up.
  • This level of casual, informative communication makes your subscribers feel like they understand your brand and help them feel more inclined to leave a review on your site or ask clarifying questions about their purchase.

SMS Is A Two-Way Street of Communication: Take Advantage of It!

  • Unlike traditional marketing methods, SMS marketing brings the opportunity of having a back-and-forth conversation directly with your customers. Emails may provide messaging to your customers encouraging them to reach out to your brand on social media or leave a review, but it’s not nearly as seamless of a process.
  • This offers the ability to garner more zero-party data, which is optional data given to companies by their customers. It is hard to come by: but when you have it, its benefits are limitless.
  • If you’re looking for a comprehensive breakdown of zero-party data, visit our website here.

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