Revolutionizing Customer Engagement with AI

Spark by Go Studio Demo Day 2024: Revolutionizing Customer Engagement with AI

Understand the real world impact of AI on customer engagement.

Spark by Go Studio is an inspiring and educational event series spotlighting innovation and the real-world applications of emerging technology.

The first session of 2024 kicked off with an electrifying focus on the impact of AI. We were thrilled that Voxie was chosen as one of the top five Atlanta startups to showcase a demo on how AI SMS is revolutionizing revenue generation for our customers!

Check out the video to see our CEO, Adam Waid, and Director of Solutions Engineering, Tim Hitcher, in action! Or dive into the exciting details below.

The Voxie Story

Voxie is an Atlanta-based AI SMS platform designed to transform the way franchise consumer service brands and national quick service restaurants (QSRs) connect with their customers. Unlike traditional methods that rely heavily on discount coupons, Voxie leverages AI to create meaningful conversations that drive revenue and reduce operational costs.

Adam Waid, Voxie CEO, and Tim Hitchner, Director of Solutions Engineering at Voxie, lead an AI presentation in Atlanta.

Our mission is to deliver two key benefits to our customers: cutting operational costs and boosting revenue. A prime example of how we achieve this is our AI concierge, which empowers brands to reach these goals with remarkable efficiency.

The AI Concierge in Action: A Daycare Success Story

A Voxie customer is a national daycare service provider with hundreds of locations across the U.S. Their main goal is to drive enrollment and expand their waitlist, which can be quite time-consuming due to the many questions about instructor credentials, teacher-student ratios, meal types, and costs. Choosing a daycare for your child is a big decision and rightfully so! Usually, the on-site staff handles these inquiries while also managing other responsibilities.

With roughly 400 locations, this daycare faced with nearly 2 million questions from potential customers even before scheduling tours or enrolling kids. They needed a way to handle all these inquiries without overwhelming their busy staff. That’s where the Voxie AI concierge came in.

We implemented two types of AI concierges for them:

  • The Sales Concierge, acting as a sales assistant that engages leads and drives conversions
  • The Support Concierge, which automates customer inquiries on their text line

In just a few weeks, they managed to cut their response time to inbound inquiries by 40%. The sales concierge was always on hand to answer questions, freeing up the staff to focus on their main tasks. Leads who interacted with the sales concierge were more likely to book tours, leading to more enrollments. Plus, the staff who usually answered prospect and customer questions could now spend more time with the kids, boosting overall service quality.

An example of AI Concierge sending a re-engagement conversation to a prospect in the voice of the customer, a daycare center, and guiding them toward conversion.

Our AI concierge communicates like a human employee, initiating conversations with a warm and personalized touch. For instance, “Hi Tom, this is Emily from ABC daycare. I saw you’re interested in enrolling your little one, Maya, at our location.” Such warm, personalized interactions, combined with accurate and timely responses, lead to higher engagement and conversion rates.

The Takeaway

Through AI-driven conversations, Voxie has transformed customer engagement for brands. By implementing AI concierge, businesses can save time, increase efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. This daycare example is just one of many success stories demonstrating how Voxie helps brands reimagine and revolutionize their interactions with customers.

In a world where customer engagement is key to success, Voxie is leading the charge, making AI accessible and impactful for businesses of all sizes. Want to see how it works? Request a demo today.

Adam Waid, Voxie CEO, and Tim Hitchner, Director of Solutions Engineering at Voxie, in Atlanta.

Spark Demo Day presentation by Adam Waid and Tim Hitchner.

Tim Hitcher leads a conversation on the impact of AI on customer experience.

A real-world example of AI Concierge, led by Tim Hitchner.

Adam Waid and Tim Hitchner concluding the presentation on AI in the customer journey.

Adam Waid and Tim Hitchner prior to the Spark Demo Day presentation.

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