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How to Use SMS Marketing for Valentine’s Day

The best way to leverage SMS automation over Valentines weekend

According to the National Retail Federation, consumers plan to spend a total of $25.8 billion for Valentine’s Day this year, a number similar to last year’s spending. This year’s estimated spending number is the third highest in the survey’s history, which is a promising sign that consumers are ready to celebrate (and spend).

According to Google Trends, Valentine’s Day searches can start as early as the day after Christmas, and searches increase between February 11 and 13. This is a great piece of data to refer to when it comes to planning your campaigns leading up to the big day. The first two weeks of February is the time to push Valentine’s Day deals with your SMS subscribers!

We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks on how to utilize SMS marketing for Valentine’s Day:

🗓️ Encourage your subscribers to plan ahead

Even if your business isn’t running a Valentine’s Day specific promotion or deal, you can still celebrate it! Sending a SMS campaign to your subscribers that encourages them to book a reservation in advance is beneficial for both parties: your customer is scratching off a task on their to-do list with the tap of a button, and your business is making sure tables are booked for one of the busiest dining days of the year.

Once a customer books a table, ask them if they’d like more information your Valentine’s Day dining offers, such as a limited, three-course meal or heart-shaped dessert.

Pro Tip: Send a reminder message 24 to 48 hours ahead of the booking time to confirm their arrival.

For fast casual dining, be sure to utilize SMS Marketing to keep your customers informed about upcoming orders, including pick-up time, order deadlines, and more. To keep the spark alive after the holiday has ended, follow up with a message asking how their order went, or if their significant other is satisfied with your product.

🌐 Share Your Valentine’s Day Promotions

With 50% of shoppers browsing gift ideas on their phones, it’s important to get your Valentine’s Day promotions on your customers’ screens. A multi-touchpoint campaign with 1) An intro message with your offer details, 2) A reminder to make a purchase, and 3) A last chance to order with shipping deadlines will give your customers plenty of opportunities to make a purchase on time for the big day.

🔦 Spotlight Your Gift Cards

We get it: not everyone in your life can be easy to shop for, and brainstorming ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts that don’t involve flowers or candy can be tricky. Purchasing a gift card is easy for your subscribers, and it’s also a way for the gift receiver to order something they’ll truly like.

Pro Tip: If your brand offers e-gift cards, send a SMS campaign to a segment of your subscribers that haven’t made a purchase in x amount of days, and remind them that e-gift cards are an easy Valentine’s Day gift idea that can be delivered via email in a matter of minutes.

💙 Celebrate Love in All Forms

Did you know that Galentine’s Day is on February 13? Don’t miss out on promoting products for a fun friends gathering, a BOGO deal for besties, or a flash sale exclusively offered to SMS subscribers.

Singles Awareness Day is on February 15! This is a fun way to extend your Valentine’s Day sale as well as sending a shout out to your single subscribers to treat themselves to a little self-love.

Need help setting your SMS campaigns up for success? Get in touch with the Voxie team today!

Alternatively download our guide for powering up your SMS strategy for Valentines this year 💙.

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