Voxie attended The Learning Experiences’ confererence

Voxie x The Learning Experience

Late last month, some members of The Voxie Team attended a conference for one of our clients, The Learning Experience.

The Learning Experience, which is an early education company, was founded in 2002 by the Weissman family, who have been developing childcare brands for more than 40 years. Since their start, they have established hundreds of centers across the globe.

The Weissman family prides themselves in having a unique approach for childcare: one that drives learning and development through the eyes of a child. According to their website, each TLE center is built “To foster an environment where early childhood education feels comfortable, safe and fun—and encourages a young child’s natural curiosity and creativity.” They even have “age-appropriate educational toys and equipment hand-selected by our team of early education experts, and two age-appropriate playgrounds: one designed for toddlers and one for preschoolers.”

We’ve had the pleasure of helping The Learning Experience reach their mission of providing innovative care. Melissa Duerr, one of our Enterprise Customer Success Managers at Voxie, was able to attend the conference to learn more about The Learning Experiences’ current strides in the education space, and how they use Voxie to encompass all SMS marketing efforts.

The organization also uses Voxie for lead generation, including ways to reach out to prospective parents with students who may be interested in enrolling in The Learning Experiences’ various childcare centers.

“Voxie has been a phenomenal partner for The Learning Experience. We did an easy integration with them to pull our contacts from our CRM into Voxie and that has been a huge time saver for our 300+ centers using Voxie,” Christian, TLE’s Director of Marketing explains.

“Additionally, thanks to Voxie, we have created better sales and communication habits with our leads, customers, and team members! The platform is super easy to use and the service we have gotten from the Voxie team has been the best.”

During the conference, The Learning Experience’sExecutive Vice President (EVP) of Technology, Josh Kulberg, led a general session about the current state of TLE, as well as what they envision for the future of the company, where he highlighted how their partnership with Voxie is a big part of that future.

“The Learning Experience’s core integration with Voxie is going to be instrumental to the success of their lead conversions as well as their ability to keep in constant communication with their teachers and parents,” Melissa explained.

A case study that is currently being worked on by the Voxie team shows that the average Learning Experience center that uses Voxie has an average of three more students per class than locations that do not use Voxie.

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The TLE group went out for an exciting night on a tour of Mardi Gras World soaking up the history of Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Brad Wahl, Chief Brand Officer takes a minute during cocktail hour to chat with Melissa Duerr, our Enterprise CSM

TLE centers of New Jersey love using Voxie and stop by the booth to share their experiences and snap a quick photo

Marketing rock stars, Sharla Sookdeo, Assistant VP of Marketing and Christian Manzano, Marketing Director at TLE stop to pose with Melissa during the welcoming ceremonies

Everyone gathers for the general sessions in the grand ballroom

Howard Curtis, Chief Growth Officer, a huge advocate for Voxie within TLE stops to visit the booth during cocktail hour

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