6 Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic has Forever Altered the Retail Landscape

6 ways the coronavirus pandemic has forever altered the retail landscape

This post was written by Jay McManemon, Director of Sales at Voxie.

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This CNBC article 6 ways the coronavirus pandemic has forever altered the retail landscape gives an analytical look at the current state of retail given the impact of the pandemic. Definitely worth a read. Yet I think it misses an important “7th way” the pandemic has impacted retailers. It centers around how retailers add new customers and build relationships with existing customers when the stores are closed. Or open but with limited capacity. 

Voxie’s retail customers tell us that they’re using our platform to execute on a whole new strategy that they’ve never used before–using texting as a marketing channel to develop personal two-way relationships with customers, turn shoppers into buyers, and most importantly to keep customers coming back again and again for repeat purchases. In just a few weeks Voxie often becomes a top-three revenue channel for our innovative retail customers, with an average ROI of more than 20X. Developing personalized relationships with customers who you can’t see face-to-face is a new challenge that retailers must tackle head on. And these relationships can then can help them forge a new, incremental revenue stream.