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All-in-one text marketing for multi-unit restaurants that uses SmartAI to re-engage customers and drive repeat business

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Drive more pickup and delivery orders

Timely text messages to customers deliver a dramatic increase in pickup and delivery orders. And once engaged, Voxie keeps them coming back again and again.

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OpenTable Segment Restaurant SMS Campaign


Quickly re-engage your loyal customer base

Use Voxie to reach out to your past OpenTable reservations and invite them back for sit-down dining or for pickup and delivery. With 98% open rates, your messages will reach your customers and lead them to action.


Get more reservations

Your Voxie text campaign will quickly put your restaurant top-of-mind with potential diners, increasing reservations and simplifying the process for customers.

Restaurant Happy Hour SMS Text Campaign
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Drive more positive reviews

Voxie gives you the power to leverage your past OpenTable reservations to give your most satisfied customers a simple way to provide positive reviews.

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