Take wait times to zero with Shift to Text

Shift to Text allows you to seamlessly route phone orders back to your website, enabling you to capture missed opportunities and increase your online orders.

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Sample Voxie chat interface showing message creation for a summer sale promotion. Template uses variables for name and store rep. Message creation interface is shown on top of image of a clothing store.
Voxie is shifting this phone call to text message...
Hi! 👋 For the fastest service, please order online: restaurant.link/order
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By leveraging Shift to Text, you can achieve two significant benefits:

people ordering in a coffee shop

1. Enhanced Staff Management

Say goodbye to the consequences of individual stores failing to cover the phones. Voxie ensures that no order is missed or delayed by seamlessly redirecting phone orders to your website. This way, you can focus on providing exceptional in-store experiences or allocate your limited in-store personnel where they are needed the most.

2. Streamlined Staffing Efficiency

With Shift to Text, your in-store personnel can dedicate their time to delivering exceptional customer service and creating memorable experiences. Voxie automates the capturing and processing of phone orders, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

Shift to Text Results

How much revenue can you actually shift by using Voxie's Shift to Text? Let's take a look at some real-world examples:

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